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Enhancing The Lives of People Through Food


CHEFS THAT CARE has been in the cooking business for more than 10 years as spin off of ImYourChef ™ Private Chef Sydney. Chefs that care offers support to people with the disability and senior with the mission of providing fantastic meals on the table that everyone enjoys. It has gained reputations around Eastern Suburbs of Sydney as easy , convenient way to have good food on the table with family or with friends. Imyourchef served in private functions around Sydney from business meetings, birthdays, personal parties to marriage proposals. 


In 2012, Chefs That Care has changed its mission by providing nutritious meals on the table without sacrificing the tastes and its presentation. Chefs that care believes that serving the right food can optimize the body's capacity to do more and sustain active lifestyles. Chefs that care has been involved in different areas of health and wellness communities around Australia by supporting sustainable living. Chefs that care now has grown not just by servicing its clients on their personal meals but also providing workshops on sustainability, food workshops , retreats and special projects. Chefs that care  is fully committed in providing quality services to its clients and its community. With the Incoming NDIS, Chefs that care is equipped to provide services to its participants.

Our Vision :


That every home has easy accces to healthy meals and that every individual has the capability to create vibrant and nutritious meals.

 Our Mission:

  • To provide the most accesible healthy meals when you need it .

  • ​To provide information on Sustainable Living and Optimizing your health. ​

  • To adopt changes on food and health evolution​ and give  updates on  the latest food and body optimization.

  • To empower people on their choices of food they want to eat by sharing awareness on conscious and intuitive eating.

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