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Adaptive Cooking™ Programme

jamie's story

jamie's story

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Who is this for ? 

The Adaptive Cooking™ Programme Class is for NDIS Participants living in Australia.

An NDIS participant with Budget under Capacity Building  Social and Community Participation and Core Supports.

We provide services for NDIA Managed, Self - Managed and Plan Managed. Currently Living in Sydney, Australia.

  • Participants who are transitioning into independent living.

  • Participants who want to learn more about cooking and eventually cook on their own (Safely).

  • Participants who want to cook as their recreational activity.

  • Participants who want to establish a good routing in their own kitchen.

Benefits for NDIS participants?

  • Awareness of Safety in the Kitchen.

  • Establish Good Meal Prep Routines.

  • Develop New Useful Habit.

  • Increase Personal Confidence.

  • Can provide Therapeutic sense of general well- being.

  • Provides Sensory activity that encourage development of motor skills through active support method of dealing with food and kitchen tools.

  • Companionship.

What we do in the class?

During Adaptive Cooking Programme 

NDIS Participant will learn:

1.About the importance of healthy foods using achievable recipes.

2.How to safely use sharp knives, graters and other cooking tools and utensils.

3.How to safely operate a hot stove and oven.

4.Knowledge of food safety will also be an important part of the course.

It is an active support method of cooking. 

It is inclusive and fun.

How long does the programme take?

Initially Participant can start at level 1 for 4 weeks. 

Level 1


It's a 4 week class . We start "where they at" . It is designed to adopt on Participants capacity.

However, at level one, we look at their organisation structure, we provide meals that are traditional or 

the usual meals they have, and teach them safety and basic cooking skills to achieve those meals.

Level 2  


It's a 4 week class. We introduce baking dishes . This is another level of fun and learning.  

Level 3  


It's a 4 week .We now begin to do Complex meals . Getting them to the real life awesome meals. ( 4 weeks)

Adaptive Cooking Goal

Adaptive Cooking Skill


2. To develop safety skills in the kitchen and implement hygienic practices

3. Improve understanding and awareness of variety of healthy meals

2. The participant can demonstrate effective hand washing before and after prepping in visual card to minimise cross-contamination.

The participant can identify kitchen dangers. Empty rubbish bags and proper kitchen clean up.

The participant can successfully follow an evacuation plan in a simulated emergency situation.

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