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How Do we Navigate the Covid 19 Pandemic with Chefs That Care Services?

Our Adaptive Cooking Classes are limited to the following activities:

1. As of the moment , until further notice or when restrictions have been labelled to level 1 or 2 . We are only offering the class to high functioning participants as the Adaptive Cooking Class demands active work participation . With rules of physical distancing about 2 meters away from participant. Cooking class can be viable to hold . 

2. Upon identifying the level of participants ability. Participant is subject to COVID 19 questionnaires before proceeding to activity. They must satisfy the questions before the activity starts.

3. Sanitiser , facial masks and 2 meter distance between a participant and provider is observe.

Our other services such as In-home cooking has the same restrictions however, we only require the participant to stay 2 meters from the provider while cooking is going on. If the participant has other person in the house. they should be observing 2 meters distancing .

Pivoting to the COVID -19 pandemic as business continuity. We encourage other participants to avail of our food delivery meals, which is readily  available as well.

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